Re-imaging the legacy of Bhagat Tarachand

PROJECT: Hospitality Interiors 

LOCATION: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

AREA: 1720 sq. ft

CAPACITY: 78 pax

MATERIAL SPECS: Bricks, wood, metals, marble, upholstery

DESIGN: Contemporary Style with North Indian Theme

COLOR SCHEME: Fertile Green and Rose Pottery

“Wonderful people, from design to project management, all went according to plan and to budget. We loved that they listened to our at the time pretty scarce ideas, and presented various options to suit.”

–  Bhagat Tarachand, Owner 

The thought behind the firm SSD is that, “Each design is tailor-made to their requirement and delivers the best on every aspect”. My experience with material understanding, attention to detailing in interior work, cost analysis and furniture designing complements every aspect of the space that we create.

My forte into hospitality interiors is to blend the practicality and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that accentuates the environment. With perfect balance in the core team, the studio is adequate with skilled designers to accomplish any task that comes its way in the most optimized and systematic process.

Bhagat Tarachand being a unique project keeps up the spirit of our work. Being a fine dine authentic restaurant, the clients demand was to keep the roots and values of pure authenticity in mind. Hence the materials used are in classification to have a Modern Contemporary ambience/style with ethnic north Indian themed elements.

“It is not every day that one gets to be a part of the story, of a legacy that has been created over decades.” The legacy of this restaurant started way back in Karachi, since 1895!

Bhagat Tarachand saw its humble beginnings with a stall way back in Karachi, since 1895. The legacy was endowed upon and has been passed down to generations of the current day. The design therefore had to be kept buzzing for the resounding success in the league.

SSD, got an opportunity to create the space such that they could highlight the value of their tradition through our designs. The interiors of this 1720 sq. ft have the basic materials for the entire project. We have used wood, bricks and marble in harmony with the modern day appliances, to create a design which looked appealing and fulfilled the requirements for functioning of the space.

“A project is never complete without the skills of the craftsman who would execute the client’s dreams and the designer’s technicalities.” Working in Mumbai, our team reassured the client that the execution of the project would be a well-coordinated and a smooth process. The major challenge was to do the project, within 45 days. SSD’s team along with the contractors, worked patiently and slowly around the challenges, to launch the completed project in December 2018, with the execution process being less than 2 months.

The restaurant subsumes a light neutral color scheme that pleasingly coats with the cultural designs. Starting from the entrance, a laser cut metal jali balances the dainty classical façade. The console placed right at the entrance is customized in wood and has a impeccable marble inlayed top. An amalgamation of hexagonal tiles for the flooring and brickwork for walls uplifts the low height and wide proportions of the interiors.

We have curated and customized a 40 feet long panel, laser cut in MDF accentuating the elements of the Indian culture which is washed with subtle pink and pops of black, white and gold.

Another wall is painted through Graffiti art emphasizing on the elements of the diverse traditions in our country. Not forgetting, this also resonates with the cooking style of the food served here, with their journey from Karachi to Mumbai having completed 100 years of taste making.

Detailed moldings and arches accentuate the north Indian theme which adds to the overall ambience.

The idea behind designing the sofa seating through minimum and soft forms was to let the family to interact closely while relishing the curated food. Well selected artifacts are spread on the walls of the elevation to set an indulging rhythm to the restaurant. The designer opulent light fittings pave way to the entire dining space respectively.

The color scheme of the entire restaurant, adds vibrancy to the space. The color palette of reds and greens for the upholstery as well as other finishes, all are thoughtfully put together to add up the glory of Indian culture which resembles with the Indian spices.

BTC was well catered to; through the designed space. From its conception, SSD promises to deliver quality spaces by working around the challenges of time and money, with the primary intent to constantly innovate to enhance