Allure Infra

PROJECT: Commercial Office Interiors

LOCATION: Shatrunjay Plaza , Goregaon

AREA: 2000 sq. ft

MATERIAL SPECS: MCM Panels, Stone, Tiles, Laminates, PVC louvers, Glass, Upholstery, Wallpapers, Artworks

DESIGN: Minimalistic – Modern

COLOR SCHEME: Complementary

A rectangular block of empty canvas is converted into a Real Estate office.

The theme was to keep it very minimal and emphasize on the use of Sustainable materials in the construction industry.

A warm looking entrance take us straight to the delegated cabins through the waiting and reception areas

The Sales Cabin is enclosed with curved glass partition which adds dimension and direction to the entire space.

The Reception area and the Waiting area are nooked in the corners while this curved glass partition create a pathway into the office.

They derive a sense of cozy and break the monotony of this minimalistic modern office. 

The reception area has clay panels running in the backdrop throughout the aisle uptil the executive cabins keeping it clean and flowy.

We love using sustainable materials as much as possible in our routine design as well.

The executive cabin has a neutral wash with clean wall finishes and functional + efficient furniture.

Having space constraints can be challenging to fulfill all the requirements. However, we managed to squeeze in the Informal Conference/ lounge area with functional furniture and glass partition to make it feel light and comfortable. 

Overall, we tried to make the best use of the entire space fulfilling each requirement and yet keeping it extremely neat and linear at the same time.