Bar Pricipal

Revamped this old restaurant in Ghatkopar, Familty tree into a sports bar while retaining partial space to the same brand.

A newly designed Veg Sportsbar spanning 3000 sqft area called the ‘Bar Principal’ is influenced by the subjective concept, where everyone is treated as the principal of the bar having their own rules.

This contemporary and modern space has intricate details which creates more variety and diversity throughout the space.

However, this was done at low budgets by sprunning the walls and replacing the soft furnishings.

The roman figurine, which is also the brand logo; is moulded in a 6’ tall metal wire frame which juts out of the wall by a few inches to create a 3d installation at the entrance.

The high wing cane chair builds up character in this selfie booth area

The custom wallpaper adds depth and texture with a neutral base.

The very theme of the Greek sculptures is followed in the entire space through fibre bust figurines hung on neutral textured walls.

These sculptures are further capsuled in thin neon light rings of different shapes.

The pvc louver panels on the wall being my all time favourite for quick and easy installation; sits well with the retained rafter ceiling – adding to the woody vibe.

The asymmetry in the bar is highlighted through black ceramic tiles; which further breaks the monotony of the linear PVC louvers sitting in the apron.

The short height ceiling justify the soft lights in the bar through spots.

The eccentric patterns of black and white swiftly elevates the mood through mellow furnishings in the entire Sports Bar

The olive green chairs with diamond stitched back adds a color block to the space.

The custom designed Roman artwork wallpaper is further struck by a maximal mirror at its focus.

While retaining the entire flooring and the ceiling rafter, mirror stacked in the ceiling grids add more depth and drama to this sports bar.

The louvers further draw themselves out in the service and entrance doors tying up all the elements while keeping the maximum surface linear.