Shreya Shah Design is a design firm founded by Shreya Shah in the year 2017. From a very young age, she was more driven towards the design culture due to its dynamics and infinite possibilities in creation.

The fascination towards neatly designed spaces along with the dream of having an idealistic home imbibed more curiosity in visualizing spaces which channeled her career. Her inspiration was also driven by the legacy and ethos of the firm Dimention; which is a 25 year old brand by Teerath Jain, her uncle.

She pursued her Diploma in Interior Design from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai and Advanced Diploma and Bachelors in Design from Raffles Design International, Mumbai. Further, after having gained experience at Minnie Bhatt Design and firm Dimention, she introduced her independent design practice.

Design to her is nothing but composing elements in various endless ways, delivering the requirements or purpose of the space; which is warm, welcoming and connected. Here at Shreya Shah Design, she put together a small team of professionals who are dedicated to detail and precision.

We expertise in both residential and commercial spaces. We’ve catered to high-end homes, bungalows, retail spaces, offices and restaurants. Our spaces usually comprise of contemporary elements on a minimalistic canvas to sustain the test of time.

We strongly believe that every piece of art is either created to carry forward a strong message or to reflect a particular function essential; as Louis Sullivan rightly said, “Form follows Function”.

Least, the idea is to create ambiences which are appealing, keeping the principles in mind.