Bhagat Tarachand, (Godhbunder)

PROJECT: Hospitality Interiors 

LOCATION: Thane, Godbunder 

AREA: 900

CAPACITY: 54 pax

MATERIAL SPECS: Wood, metal, glass, acp, upholstery

DESIGN: Industrial Style with Modern Theme

COLOR SCHEME: Complementary Palette

“Wonderful people, from design to project management, all went according to plan and to budget. We loved that they listened to our at the time pretty scarce ideas, and presented various options to suit..”

– Bhagat Tarachand, Owner 

It has been an honour to reflect and showcase the legacy of bhagat tarachand through our finely detailed spaces. This is the third outlet so far and has been an interesting journey.

Keeping in mind the ethos and legacy of the brand and in continuation with our conceptual  story, this time we’ve created an industrial and modern design style with complementary color scheme of violet and yellow.

Due to the size of the space we decided to go with minimum materials and textures. However the double height helped the space to look bigger. We decided to take advantage of the height and enhance the staircase which sits like a highlight in the center of the space. The metal and aluminium jali of the staircase leaves an industrial touch to our space yet keeping it subtle.  The treads and risers are treated with kota stone which complements the raw look of the railing.

Following that we have the floors  which are treated with slabs of terrazzo tiles laid in brick pattern. Thes tiles are ethnic due to it texture and grain yet modern due to it colors. The subtle shades of mashroom and brown are used on the ground floor and first floor respectively.

The walls are washed in texture paint having neutral colors which not only helps the space looks bigger but make the other elements stand out. The tropical art work with muted colors and a ting of gold creates a fusion  by adding ethnicity to a very natural and fresh look.

The dramatic veneers stand out like they rule. The table tops and the doors are matched together with the shades however their grains being different. The star veneer pasted on the doors are our favourite which are so beautiful and dynamic.

The furniture with cane matting and wicker inherit the old with the new craftsmanship. The sofa backs are high winged which sits well in the double heighted space. These furniture are wrapped with leather complementing in the muted shades of voilets and yellows.

The lights in the double height space are modern which juxtapose with the industrial staircase creating a contrast; while the light fittings on the mezzanine floor are custom made as per requirements. These light fittings are curated to suit the height and width of the mezzanine which are hung through leather belts;  also found on the ledge backrests which holds them against the walls.

The sleek ledges with minimum yet comfortable backrests sit well without making the space look bulky. These fine tuned custom details are what makes the entire space come together.

Last but the most important, the facade is fully glazed giving a see through into the restaurant which are held together with bold wooden bands while solid star veneered door adds quirk and balance to the whole composition.  From an authentic fine dine to a modern and industrial themed space, the client trusted us enough to change the face of its identity keeping the roots intact